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Information about, and links to, external websites are posted on the "SOUTHWEST BLUEBIRDS and friends" (aka "SWBB") website for general information purposes only.   Group coordinators make no endorsement nor recommendation regarding the use, accuracy, and/or the content, of any website listed; nor do group coordinators accept any responsibility for the actions of any external website owner listed on the 'SOUTHWEST BLUEBIRDS and friends' website.    

Information regarding locations chosen for group rallies and/or activities is based on information provided by RV parks, or the chosen rally locations.  Every effort is made to post accurate information.  However, group coordinators are not responsible for the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the information provided by the RV parks or other chosen rally locations.   Rally location contact persons and phone numbers are posted with rally information.  It is the individual rally participant's responsibility to read and understand a chosen rally location's rules and regulations, rates, credit card guarantee and cancellation policies, refund policies, and it is the responsibility of the participant to call the rally location's contact person to clarify any questions.

Participation in any rally, rally activity, and/or other activity arranged by the SWBB group coordinators is strictly at the Participant(s) own risk.  By registering for, and participating in, any rally or other group activity arranged by the SWBB group coordinators, the Participant(s) agree to the following:  the Participant(s) agrees to accept all personal risk and/or liability associated with such participation; the Participant(s) declares that he or she is fully insured against all hazards, risks, and/or liability claims that may arise from the Participant's actions while attending a rally or other group activity; the Participant(s) agrees to hold harmless, and to indemnify, the group coordinators  from any and all claim(s) against, or arising from the actions of, the Participant(s) during a rally or other group activity; and the Participant(s) agrees to waive any claim against the group coordinators for any injury or damage to the Participant(s) that arises from the Participant(s) attendance at, and participation in,  any group rally or rally activity. 

Photographs of rally participants, and their coaches and RV units, are an integral part of SWBB rallies and other activities.  Photographs are taken by the rally coordinators to maintain a visual record of SWBB activities, and by other rally attendees for personal use.   All participants in SWBB rallies and other activities, understand, and acknowledge, that photos of themselves and their coaches will be taken.   By registering for, and attending, a SWBB rally or other activity, the participant(s) agree to the following:  the participant(s) will allow photographs of themselves and their coaches/RV units to be taken; and the participant(s) releases to the original photographer, all rights to, and use of, said images.   Participant(s) also understand, and acknowledge, that all photographs taken by rally coordinators of SWBB activities will be uploaded to the SWBB photo sharing site on; that said photographs will be available for viewing by anyone who is given the password necessary to access the photo sharing site; and that by registering for, and attending SWBB activities, participant(s) give permission for images of themselves and their coaches to be uploaded to the SWBB photo sharing site.  

Rally participants who submit their own rally photos to SWBB group coordinators for inclusion on souvenir CD's and/or the SWBB photo sharing website, do so without any expectation of compensation for use.  Rally participants, by submitting their photos for inclusion on SWBB media and/or photo sharing websites, release to SWBB and its coordinators all rights to the photos' use and display.   However, rally participants retain all rights against the unauthorized use of their photos by any person or organization OTHER than SWBB.   




IT IS THE INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT'S RESPONSIBILITY to know what is permitted regarding current State and Federal firearms law, as event organizers and/or the owner of this web site, are NOT giving nor providing ANY legal counsel, opinion, and/or guidance, whatsoever. 

IT IS THE INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO EXERCISE PERSONAL DUE DILIGENCE in researching, understanding, and complying with laws regarding transportation of firearms within all the states through which the individual plans to travel.   

Firearms information contained in copies of ANY document posted on this website is provided for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and no representation is made as to the accuracy of the information contained in the posted documents.

BY SIGNING UP TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FIREARMS EVENT, individual participants agree, and acknowledge, that he/she understands the inherent danger of firearms;  that he/she will abide by all accepted firearm safety practices;  that he/she has, and will, abide by all Federal and State laws regarding firearms;  that he/she will abide by all instructions and orders given by the professional firearms instructor supervising the event.

BY SIGNING UP TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FIREARMS EVENT, individual participants agree to accept full legal responsibility, and full personal liability, for any and all injuries and/or damage caused by, or resulting from, the actions of the individual participant, including, but not limited to:  all injuries personally sustained by the individual participant;  all personal bodily injuries caused to another person or animal;  all damage to the individual participant's, or another person's, personal property;  and all legal consequences of the participant's failure to abide by Federal and State firearm laws.

BY SIGNING UP TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FIREARMS EVENT, individual participants agree to hold harmless, and to indemnify, the event organizers and supervisors, SWBB, and the owner of this web site from any and all claims for personal bodily injury and/or property damage arising from, caused by, or resulting from any action of, and by, the individual participant.




USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION.  All information maintained in the group databases, and/or on a specific rally list, is considered strictly confidential, and is for group use only.  Only information regarding a member or rally participant's name, city/state, and RV unit will appear on group and/or rally materials.  Personal information (i.e., addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) will be shared with other group members and/or rally attendees only according to a member's specified preferences.   If a member has not declared personal information sharing preferences, none will be divulged to other members unless written permission is given to the group coordinators to do so.


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